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Tuesday, 14 April 2020 11:22

National Park Northern Velebit

Another Croatian pearl available during your summer holidays.

NP Northern Velebit will please the most demanding plant and animal world lovers in strict nature reserves of Hajduči and Rožanski kukovi, botanical reserves Visibaba, Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa and the most famous of all in the Velebit botanical garden. Feel how the Velebit forest breathes in forest reserve Borov vrh and in the Štirovača reserve of forest vegetation. Park abounds with mountain trails, out of which Premužićeva staza (trail) is the most famous one. This magnificent meeting point of the Lika region and the coast is the most dramatic on Alan. It is the area of spacious mountain grasslands, karst hollows where above them picturesque peaks rise.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 11:22

Nature Park Velebit

Velebit has always been a link between the coastline and Lika hinterland and has formed this unique economic, cultural and historical unit. For this purpose traffic connection was extremely important - from ancient times till today. Because of the development of economy, trade and transport, the Habsburg Monarchy in 18th and 19th century has built a couple of important roads over Velebit. Road constructors were characterized with exceptional expertise, so many of those roads, with some small reconstructions, are still in use today.

The historical Velebit road inscripted on a list of cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia (in 2007) is so called Majstorska cesta (road).

To shorten the travel time to Dalmatia, in 1825, started the construction of this trans-Velebit road en route Sveti Rok – Mali Alan – Obrovac. On this road started a self-career of famous mountain road constructor and border officer Josip Kajetan Knežić.

The construction of this 41 km long road was completed in 1832, when it was inaugurated and set in use with the name Majstorska cesta. In fact, the way Knežić managed to carry out the route on a steep Velebit slope with many serpentines between ravines and cliffs, made a big step forward in road constructions at the time. The maximum of inclination was 5,5 % which is still in accordance with contemporary regulations of road constructions. On a, back in a day new Velebit transversal road, besides trade, postal transport between Vienna and Zadar took place.
The road goes by geomorphological important location – Tulove grede – outstanding group of vertical limestone beams, cliffs and spires.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


Take a peek into the underground world of Velebit! Made of karst, mountain Velebit is full of caves. To your caving adventure you will be taken only by the expert guides.

In Rovanjska is a jewel of Velebit Mountain - Modrič cave. It is a natural cave which describes that even after it was discovered no human intervention took place. Instead it was left in its natural condition. The entry to this cave is possible only for speleologists and a concessionaire on excursions into the cave, an experienced speleologist Marijan from agency “Zara Adventure”. The excursion starts with a gathering of visitors in Rovanjska, where your guide will brief you and give you the equipment: protective overall, helmet with light (electrical lamp or carbide flame). Just a short walk through pine woods will bring you to the cave entrance. Adventure starts here and the next two hours you’ll spend getting through passages and walking through big chambers magically decorated with stalagmites and stalactites. Your guide is an experienced speleologist that is happy to explain all you are interested to learn about this cave. There are no handrails, neither concrete paths and no artificial pre-installed light in the cave, therefore, this excursion is not suitable for the people with any difficulty in walking nor for the children younger than 7. For the rest this is the one of the most interesting excursions in Dalmatia that will remain in your memory for a quite long time. We also recommend you to visit Manita peć cave in NP Paklenica and Cerovačke pećine near the town of Gračac. Both are protected geomorphological monuments of nature equipped for tourist visits. There are other caves available to visitors, attractive because of the variety of shapes and treasure of speleothems decorations and other cave forms.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


On the wider area of Nature Park Velebit and National Park Paklenica there is a full range of attractive locations to which lead well-arranged mountain ways and paths. Starting from the touristy, easy ones, to the most demanding paths they lead you to the highest peaks of Velebit (Vaganski vrh 1758m and Sveto brdo 1753m). There are two national parks on Velebit and a couple of nature reserves. The most famous are NP Paklenica and NP Northern Velebit.

Jasenice is only 15 minutes driving distance from NP Paklenica. NP Paklenica is particularly famous for its two canyons, Big and Small Paklenica. Even outside the borders of national parks, Velebit offers beautiful nature and many marked trails, mountain shelters and huts.
Above Jasenice there is a Majstorska road between Sveti Rok and Obrovac, leading its way over the mountain pass Mali Alan on 1045 metres above sea level. Today is this 41 kilometre long road under the protection of the Ministry of culture as the historical road and cultural heritage. It attracts adventurers, nature and sport lovers, every day and any time of the year. The sight in any direction leaves you breathless but the attention magnetised by Tulove grede. Its imposing look and feeling of awe, caused once you see it, will help you understand why there are so many legends and stories connected to this area. At the bottom of this rocky ridge don’t miss to check out the little church of St. Francis, with its slightly unusual architectural design, porticos on both sides – towards the sea and towards the mountain. Those porticos are symbolic just like the Majstorska road is. One side overlooks the canyon of Zrmanja River, Karin Sea and Novigrad Sea, while the other side opens a sight on Tulove grede and Velebit. From this height Ravni Kotari can be seen like on a palm while in the other direction one can see both Maslenica bridges.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


Zrmanja starts its 69 kilometre long course in the southern part of Plješevica Mountain. On its way to Novigrad Sea where it flows, it passes through the narrow valleys and magnificent 200 metres deep canyon.
She is a typical karst river with many waterfalls and strong rapids which makes her ideal river for white water sports. Rafting fans named her Beauty and Beast, because at the time of high water level her flow makes one of the best rafting locations in this part of Europe. On the other hand, Zrmanja with its tributary Kupa, during the summer is quiet and peaceful, easily carrying the visitors through the fascinating landscape.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58

Bungee Jumping

Try the bungee jump from maximum height in Croatia – Old Maslenica Bridge!

Get a dose of adrenaline falling down to only 5 m above the sea surface, where the bungee rope will stop you. It will equally excite a bungee first timer and an old jumping fox!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


Pedal power motion fans may visit attractions of a wider area by bicycle. The area of Jasenice Municipality is for cycling fans one of the most beautiful ones in Zadar County. Riding on Majstorska road is breathtaking, as well as cycling ascent to Tulove grede.

It is pure enjoyment of fresh and clean air, unforgettable sights of Zadar hinterland and archipelago from more than 1000 metres of height. At the foot of Tulove Grede starts new adventure cycling descent down the slopes of Velebit until the first rest stop – little chapel and one of the most beautiful viewpoints on this path. The chapel was erected in honour of one of Croatian War of Independence heroes - Damir Tomljanović Gavran – Commander of the legendary Tigers (military unit).
Soon after follows the stop at the second section of descent near the boulder that surpasses the road. The path continues toward the St. Francis church, built by Austrian Emperor Francis I (Franz Joseph I of Austria) to honour the newly built Majstorska road, first at the time that connected continental Croatia with Dalmatia. The next destination is childhood home of Luka Modrić, best European and World soccer player in 2018 and one of the lead role players in the famous Real Madrid football club. The path continues as an asphalt road to the belvedere of the magnificent canyon of Zrmanja River. This is the location of many scenes of the movie about Apache Chief Winnetou, the main character of the Karl May novel.


Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


Undersea world of Velebit canal is interesting for sea sightseeing and exploring, so we definitely recommend diving below the sea surface.
The most attractive locations are in the vicinity of Jasenice, as well near the Pag and Maslenica bridges. Underwater hillsides and verts with abundance of fish, colourful sponges, stingers, sea slugs, octopuses, flocks of smaller fish and examples of big sponges, await on you, as well as the wreck of the old bridge and also a Russian ship from 70’s of the past Century to which will dare to dive the most experienced divers.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


Slow hiking by the river is a fantastic way to spend a day fused with nature. If you love nature you have to see this “not to be missed” landscape and enjoy amazing views of the canyon.

The Creation of its today's famous appearance lasted thousands of years. Precisely, it all started at the completion of the ice age when the ice had melted and sea level rose. Together with the flow of the Zrmanja River made this beautiful child, known for a white rocks contrast, green river, picturesque flora and waterfalls that take your breath away. Do not forget the animals, streams, sand beaches and meadows! And the best part? One may visit throughout the year because each season offers a completely different experience!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:58


If you ever desire to get active while on vacation in Jasenice Municipality, there is an interesting watersports offer. You may drive fast on a jet-ski or take a ride on a water pedal boat with your family.

Experience unforgettable and shake up your adrenaline with some speed and waves riding a jet-ski pulled inflated banana. There are plenty of amusements for all generations- from youngest to oldest. Join the most recent and most popular sport in the world – Stand up Paddling, or simply SUP. It’s not about the age nor physical condition, that’s why SUP is the sport for you. It’s simple to keep the balance (easy as riding a bicycle). Ideal way of enjoying nature and exploring our coast and bays.