On the wider area of Nature Park Velebit and National Park Paklenica there is a full range of attractive locations to which lead well-arranged mountain ways and paths. Starting from the touristy, easy ones, to the most demanding paths they lead you to the highest peaks of Velebit (Vaganski vrh 1758m and Sveto brdo 1753m). There are two national parks on Velebit and a couple of nature reserves. The most famous are NP Paklenica and NP Northern Velebit.

Jasenice is only 15 minutes driving distance from NP Paklenica. NP Paklenica is particularly famous for its two canyons, Big and Small Paklenica. Even outside the borders of national parks, Velebit offers beautiful nature and many marked trails, mountain shelters and huts.
Above Jasenice there is a Majstorska road between Sveti Rok and Obrovac, leading its way over the mountain pass Mali Alan on 1045 metres above sea level. Today is this 41 kilometre long road under the protection of the Ministry of culture as the historical road and cultural heritage. It attracts adventurers, nature and sport lovers, every day and any time of the year. The sight in any direction leaves you breathless but the attention magnetised by Tulove grede. Its imposing look and feeling of awe, caused once you see it, will help you understand why there are so many legends and stories connected to this area. At the bottom of this rocky ridge don’t miss to check out the little church of St. Francis, with its slightly unusual architectural design, porticos on both sides – towards the sea and towards the mountain. Those porticos are symbolic just like the Majstorska road is. One side overlooks the canyon of Zrmanja River, Karin Sea and Novigrad Sea, while the other side opens a sight on Tulove grede and Velebit. From this height Ravni Kotari can be seen like on a palm while in the other direction one can see both Maslenica bridges.