Take a peek into the underground world of Velebit! Made of karst, mountain Velebit is full of caves. To your caving adventure you will be taken only by the expert guides.

In Rovanjska is a jewel of Velebit Mountain - Modrič cave. It is a natural cave which describes that even after it was discovered no human intervention took place. Instead it was left in its natural condition. The entry to this cave is possible only for speleologists and a concessionaire on excursions into the cave, an experienced speleologist Marijan from agency “Zara Adventure”. The excursion starts with a gathering of visitors in Rovanjska, where your guide will brief you and give you the equipment: protective overall, helmet with light (electrical lamp or carbide flame). Just a short walk through pine woods will bring you to the cave entrance. Adventure starts here and the next two hours you’ll spend getting through passages and walking through big chambers magically decorated with stalagmites and stalactites. Your guide is an experienced speleologist that is happy to explain all you are interested to learn about this cave. There are no handrails, neither concrete paths and no artificial pre-installed light in the cave, therefore, this excursion is not suitable for the people with any difficulty in walking nor for the children younger than 7. For the rest this is the one of the most interesting excursions in Dalmatia that will remain in your memory for a quite long time. We also recommend you to visit Manita peć cave in NP Paklenica and Cerovačke pećine near the town of Gračac. Both are protected geomorphological monuments of nature equipped for tourist visits. There are other caves available to visitors, attractive because of the variety of shapes and treasure of speleothems decorations and other cave forms.